Pastor Daniel Igomodu


Pastor Daniel started his prison ministry in February of 1998 and found Divine Life Ministries in 2003.  He pastored Divine Life Christian Fellowship for several years before God lead him to expand the prison ministry and focus on ministering to men and women behind bars. He has one of the most dynamic non-denominational prison ministry in the valley, laboring among the prison population, preaching and teaching the message of hope, healing, salvation and restoration with testimonies of changed lives, healed bodies and saved souls.  He is gifted with an unusual healing and deliverance anointing. He is a father of four, two boys and two girls.  He is a published author of a Christian bestseller – Breakthrough Prayers.

My Heart Desire

Lord, I seek nothing for myself, I seek only to be used as an instrument to bring, Light to those in darkness, salvation to the lost, hope to the hopeless, help to the helpless, healing to the sick, freedom to the bound, liberty to the captives, truth to the deceived, blessings to the poor, clothes to the naked, food to the hungry, shelter to the homeless, peace to the depressed, joy to the sorrowful, courage to the discouraged and Your strength to the weak.


Prophecy Given to Pastor Daniel
By Prophet Erbele

For indeed you have been faithful, faithful, faithful. It is time now to see your leaders rise up under you. This is the stage in which they are ready to rise up and you are ready to release them and say now go do I commissioned you, because you are the one who will apostolically plant and set them in motion.

Now you have to do it, now you have to trust, and you have to raise up some pastors, watch and see this next stage of your life, one young man you've been believing for, even one who is not your son watch and see this one grow up to be strong in me embracing your anoiting, he kicked against it for a short time, but will rise up in power. You are a man keep on going, belief, belief, hold your ground, for I am also resolving to lift up inside of you a new passion and a new fire, and going to open up for you doors to two other nations for you to visit, and you will make a trip back and forth, but your home must remain here, don't you grow weary and don't you abandon the post, becuase you must plant it and grow it and commission others to go, but establish your leaders now, then start making trips as I open doors to two nations for you to visit. For this is Me who has been doing these.

Something you must write, you put them down and these lessons will be taught by others, I like these things that will come forth from you, because the revelation and teaching you have shall be profound and bring to new culture and speak to them which nobody else can reach. I am already speaking to you about it.

Somehow breaking the bondage and habits off people that others have not been able to break. You cried out to me and I heard your prayers says God, and I am going to honor that. Those who wrestled with alcohol and drugs, you cried out to me and I am delivering that power into your life and into your ministry. Many will come in and seat under your presence and they will feel themselves having broken free and say how did I get free? but it will happen suddenly by my power and grace, watch and see this is what you've been asking me and I have been releasing it into your life, it will only grow stronger.

The commitment you consider follow through with it, because it is blessed. Follow through, because it is blessed, and you shall have blessings down that path and grace, a family see blessed, extended family rejoicing and them starting to respect your walk in me, in Jesus name, this is that year - Amen.




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